Sunday, 23 October 2016

Not a lot to report, but it is under it's winter cover while other jobs need doing else where.

The yacht is under its winter cover for a while, while other paying jobs get done so that I have the money to get on with Mai-Star II's ongoing restoration. The foredeck is all but completely off with just a small section left to come off. Then the two deck beams ahead of the cabin front can be removed and new deck beams made and refitted. Once the new deck beams are back in then the new foredeck and the new forehatch can refitted to the new deck after the new deck is covered with epoxy matting and resin and the toe rails and rubbing stakes will be fitted and the forward part of the yacht will be sorted. Then the cabin roof can be covered in the same way as the foredeck.

Another job to do is to sort out the mast step and make a new mast plinth to fit the tabernacle to and sort out the standing rigging to fit the set up.

The biggest job for the near future is to get the yacht foredeck water tight so the the forward part of the yacht can be painted over the winter months.

Anyway that it a little update of what is happening on the Mai-Star II front.