Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sponsorship deals for companies wishing to sponsor Mai-Star II Charity Sailing Challenge

The sponsorship deals on offer to companies wishing to sponsor Simon's & Tricia's Charity North Sea Sailing Challenge to raise funds for Epilepsy Action.
Basic Sponsorship package Sticker on hull and mention on Facebook and Twitter pages and mention in any press releases about the event
intermediate Sponsorship package Sticker on hull and on Mainsail mention on Facebook and Twitter and mention in any press releases about the event.
Super Sponsorship Package. Sticker on hull and on Mainsail mention on Facebook and Twitter and mention in any press releases and on T Shirts and sailing jackets. 

Monday, 25 January 2016

Come a long way over the past few months, however, still got a long way to go before she ready to sail again.

The yacht is now starting to look more like a yacht coming to the end of its refit with most of the equipment and other work in its final stages.

Still a fair bit of cosmetic work to do to finish jobs off. however, a large amount of the work is complete.  

The aft end of the yacht is the last major job apart from the cabin roof, just a matter of a few dry days and the outsie work will be finished.

The last major job inside the cabin to sort out the forward end of the cabin and make up the pipecot and sail storage for the sails not being used all the time.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Refitting the Samson Posts and front coaming blocks

In order to put the Samson posts back in the correct position in the aft corners of the cockpit and through the seats, they needed to be cramped to the coamings so that they could have the lower part of them marked out on the seats.

Once that was done, then they were removed and the cut outs in the seats were made and the Samson posts were lowered into position 

All that is needed now is to make up the bottom end blocks to fix the lower ends into position and once the coamings are finally fixed in place fix the Samson posts to the side and aft coamings.

The front coaming blocks cut and the bevels planed to fit the deck and the tops angled at the correct angle to take the sheet winches .

The first coaming block fitted between the cabin side and the cockpit coaming just needs the coaming cutting to the correct length to make the coaming block come level with the cabin bulkhead.

Redesigning fore hatch so that it is watertight and stronger.

The old forehatch was getting a bit passed its useful life and was in need of renewing and it was no longer fit for purpose. So it was removed which took some work as it was well fixed to the deck. However, it did in the end part with the deck. 

The four pieces of the lower part of the forehatch were temporary fixed together to make up the shape which is going to be used as a jig to build the new forehatch so that the inside measurement can be used again, although the outside measurements are going to be different as the forehatch upstands are going to be thicker than before, so a lip can be made up to stop the water from coming through the joint in the hatch when it is closed.

The design of the upstands for the forehatch so that the water can not pass through the joint when the forehatch is closed while at sea in rough weather and water coming over the fore deck.

Monday, 18 January 2016

At last the cockpit seats are back in position and the rest of the cockpit can be finished off.

The first of the cockpit seats to go back in position and it is making the cockpit look very small now.

The port side is getting the manual bilge pump pipe run sorted before the seat can go into position.

The port side seat now in position, now that is done the bilge pump run can be clipped back and tried up and sorted.

Finally the cockpit seats in position, now got to get the Samson Posts fitted through the seats and fixed to the Cockpit coamings. 

Sunday, 17 January 2016

A call for help, I need about 500 pounds of loose ballast for Mai-Star II to trim the yacht out to its designed waterline.

I am in need of about 500 pounds of loose ballast either pig iron or lead at a reasonable price. I am will to travel a reasonable distance to collect it. The amount is to make the yacht less tender in any wind above 15 to 20 knots. When it get a little heavy on the helm as she rolls over on to its rubbing stakes. So if anyone can help please email me at

Thanks in advance


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Cockpit work and repairing the deck beam and other jobs around the cabin

Setting up the cockpit seats to the correct height so the the aft beams can be fitted in position.

All the trims now fitted round the hatchway and it more looking like a yacht again.

Glued and screwed the deck beam back into position and just got to clear it up and repaint the area and fit a brace to the area until i can fit a new deck beam next winter,

The navigation area finally finished and ready for use.

Starting to fit trims to tops of bulkheads

First of the under bunk floors fitted just another four to make, then they will be finished and then ready to paint.

Monday, 11 January 2016

A few small jobs to be getting on with the weather against us outside

Painting the cockpit seats with their first coat of undercoat before turning them over and painting the on slip areas on the top side of the cockpit seats 

The washboards getting their hardwood battens fitted back in place before going to the boat to refit them in place

Refitting the hasp back on the sliding part of the main cabin hatchway

The finished washboards back in place and ready to have the rest of the trims fitted round them

Saturday, 9 January 2016

This year's goals for the restoration of Mai-Star II

This year's goals for Mai-Star II are, firstly to get it back up and sailing again after finishing off the last remaining jobs on the refit list. Secondly get through the refit list is still quite long, Although not undo able over the next few months as long as the weather gods are kind to us and it stays reasonably dry.  Thirdly,  Once the refit is finished for this year then the long period of time to get the crew and the systems onboard set up. The crew training is going to take to the time as they have not sailed this type of yacht before, although the skipper has and so there are going to be some fun times ahead getting the crew trained and so we can complete in the Old Gaffer Races this year.

Once those three goals are completed then the yacht should be ready, the only hurdle then will be to get the logistics sorted for the passages between ports that the yacht is going to visit along the Old Gaffers races and any secondly ports that will be able to be used if the weather turned against us.

So although refit part of the yacht is coming along well the logistics of doing the Old Gaffer races is going to take time to sort out and get in place. 

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Cockpit coaming front blocks and sheet winch bases

Glueing up coaming blocks then shaping them to fit the cabin side to coaming joint and shape top to fit sheet winches to them once they are fitted in position. 

Cockpit seats from blanks to finished seats with their first coat of primer

The cockpit seats blanks planed and ready to be glued together

The blanks all cramped up and waiting for the glue to go off and harden so that they can be sanded down

The seats getting fitted in position 

The fitted seats back in the workshop having their edges shaped and sanded ready for their first coat of primer

First coat of primer applied and once this is dry the areas for the non slip paint areas can be masked up and the paint applied to these areas

Monday, 4 January 2016

Back to work and onwards and upwards with new jobs to do in the workshp

The never ending varnishing to be done on the cabin trims 

The front end blocks for the cabin side to coamings joint

Finished planing down and now needs trimming to size and fitting in place when next down at the boatyard

The cockpit seat blanks planned down to thickness 

Now being glued up and the trimmed and fitted to cockpit when next down the boatyard