Saturday, 31 October 2015

Under its winter cover or at least part of it.

The yacht now as the main part of its winter cover on and the short mast is in position to hold it up where it needs to be.

 Just got to get the front bit made up to cover the foredeck and that will keep the yacht dry over the winter and so the work on the inside can continue wherever the weather is like outside. 
The yacht will now spend the rest of the winter in this half tide mooring so the planks get a chance to take up gradually over the winter before being hauled out in the spring for a good sanding and fairing of the hull, when the hull as settled down and the planks have all swelled up and the taken position. 

The next job on the yacht is to fit the cockpit coamings
Here they were being planed down to thickness

Halfway through getting them varnished up ready to fit

Now on the yacht ready to fit back into position where the old ones came out and these are a lot stronger and thicker than the old ones and should last just as long if not longer.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

One small job, but it is making a difference to the main cabin

Now that both sides of the main cabin bunk backs have their battens refitted after they have been varnished it sets the backs off well.

Now that the bunk back battens are in position the other items of equipment can be fitted to the area, such as the Main VHF set and the other Navigation equipment. 

The other work in the cabin such varnishing the cabin sides can get done as well as items of equipment in the galley and cooker areas and the floorboards in the lockers can get sorted as well.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Getting boat parts ready for a busy week ahead.

Getting the parts together to refit the newly varnished bunk back battens so the next stage of the interior refit can continue 

The cockpit coaming and the reefing brackets ready to be fitted in the cockpit and on the aft end of the boom respectably 

The next stage on the inside is to varnish the cabin side after warming up the inside to dry out the cabin itself.

Sorting out the navigation area so that when the yacht is recommissioned it will all work as it should do. 

Cockpit area to get started on soon and refit the cockpit coaming and then the seats.

Under its winter cover to keep the weather out of the yacht and so work can continue if the weather is against us working on the outside of the yacht during the winter.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A few jobs to be getting on with while I can not get down to the boatyard.

Varnishing the short winter mast to use for going out on the river and to support the winter cover 

The cockpit coamings being made and planed down and shaped 
The cockpit coaming now varnished up with a few coats of varnish ready to be cut and fitted in place in the cockpit to finish off the edges of the cockpit

The crosstrees getting their final few coats of varnish before being refitted to the mast and the mast being re-stepped in the yacht in the spring.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Not a lot of work on the yacht this week.

This week, it has been a bit slow on this front apart from putting a winter cover over the yacht to keep the weather out of the yacht and also to help keep it dry when the weather changes.

The main things now are to get the inside finished off and get the roof finished off. Then re-step the mast and sort out the rigging and the sails.

There has been other work done in connection with the yacht, such as varnishing the cockpit coamings and the boat hook and bunk back battens and there end blocks as well as other small items.
Also a number of other small items are being made to help keep items tidy and easy to get to when need while underway and on passage. As these are being made there will be updates of these items.