Wednesday, 30 September 2015

At last the hull as taken up and the work can start on the refitting out of the yacht.

After a wait of about a week, the planks have at last swelled up and the yacht is now more or less watertight and floating without the add of a large bilge pump to keep her afloat.

Now that this as happened the fitting out of the yacht can begin with getting the painting and varnishing done and the cabin roof sealed and painted before the winter weather sets in. The main cabin will be the starting point as this as the least amount of work that needs doing to it. Then it will be the turn of the cockpit and finally the fore cabin.

While this is going on the mast will be getting its final coats of varnish before being redressed and stepped again and the sails bend on so that the sailing trials over the winter can get underway, so that the yacht will be ready to do some Old Gaffer racing next season.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Afloat at last, after two and a half years

Antifouling done ready to launch
First time in water  
at its mooring for the winter while the rest of the work is done on the yacht to make it ready for next season

Yacht sitting a little bit above on its lines before the mast and interior ballast is fitted. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Not long now, or at least I hope so?r

This next week is going to be busy as the final touches will be done to the yacht before it goes back in the water. The main part of the push this week is getting the bottom watertight or at least water tight enough to go back in the water and let the plank swell up to make it water tight. The first time I launch the yacht when back in the water was after it had been out of the water for over 12 years and it had to be held in slings for a couple of hours, while the planks started to swell up as they were so dry and needed time to take on some moisture and expand again back to their normal size. Hopefully this time it should be better as the yacht as only been out for a couple of years and there as been a lot of work done on the planking and ribs to replace broken planks and especially broken ribs amidships on the yacht where she had been grounded earlier in her life.

So it is now a rush to get the final jobs done and get her ready for her re-launch at the end of the week, if it goes to plan and there are not too many problems between now and Friday.

Friday, 18 September 2015

final stages before the yacht goes back in the water.

A quick update on the on going restoration of Mai-Star II, it is hopefully into the last week ashore for the yacht, it should be going back in the water next Friday as long as the weather stays fine. Just a few odd jobs to do, one of them being a repair to the bottom where an old sea cock was removed as it was surplus to our needs. and a split edge to a plank. Then the last twenty or so nails to be clinched up and the puttying to be done on the seams, now that the seams are filled with caulking cotton, they were the ones that needed cleaning out so that the planks could fit correctly and back in place when the new ribs were fitted in over the summer. 

Over the next few months other jobs will be done on the boat, getting the roof finished off and the varnishing done on the toe rails and the cabin sides both outside and inside and the fore hatch renewed as well. But at least the boat will be back in the water and afloat. 

Other jobs to do will be to sort out the mast and get that re-stepped so the boom cover can be made and the cockpit can stay dry.  

Once the yacht is afloat and settled down then the hard work of getting up to sailing condition will start with sorting out all the control lines for the sails and rigging and getting new cleats made to fit on the deck to control the jib and staysail and main sheets. 

While all this is going on the new cockpit coamings will be made and fitted along with the stern Samson posts which are part of the corner the cockpit coamings. Also in the cockpit there is going to be new cockpit seats made and a new cockpit sole made as well. 

So next week is going to be a busy one with the dead line of Friday not far away and the day will be long going to this launch date. 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

A shorter list of To-Do-Jobs before the Mai-Star II is re-launched.

Last week was taken up with a special project boat I have been doing for one of my clients. Now that it is now finished and ready to launch. I will be able to bet on with Mai-Star II again and get the hull finished off and back in the water for the winter. So over the weekend it will be list making of the to do jobs and getting the materials together to get the jobs done over the next week as long as the weather stays dry during the day and the temperature stays above 10 degrees. The rudder is coming along well with one of the new cheek pieces now glued in place, now just waiting for the glue to go off, so that the other cheek piece can be glued on and the final shaping and sanding can be done, now the whole of the upper half of the rudder can be epoxied before the rudder is re-painted. 

The apprentice as the good job of painting the bottom of the yacht with first underwater primer and once the caulking and puttying is done then the antifouling. I know apprentice get the dirty jobs, but I have an apprentice who actually enjoys painting whatever it is. So it is better for me as I have done my fair share of bottoms of motorboats and yachts over the years, so if there is someone who wants to do them, I am not going to stop them.

So the first job on Mai-Star II next week is to highlight the holes from the old nail holes from the ribs and any of holes from old fittings and damaged planks get these filled or repaired which ever is necessary. Then put the last short ribs in the cockpit and then paint the bottom of the boat. 

so between the two of us we should be able to get a number of jobs done over the next few days and get her ready for her new launch date at the end of the month.