Tuesday, 18 August 2015

More varnish work and getting the rudder re-build well underway.

Getting the bunk back battens varnished for the first time.

They just got to have a few more coats of varnish and they will be ready to go back in place and finish off the area behind the two main cabin bunks. 

Once that job is done then the trims will be made for the tops and ends of the bulkheads around the galley and cooker areas and the edges of the bulkheads at the front end of the main cabin into the fore cabin. 

While this is being done the last of the nails in the bilge area will be fitted and the two short ribs in the cockpit will be steamed n place and the new cockpit sole will be made and fitted as well as the cockpit seats and coamings.  another job underway at the moment is the rebuilding of the rudder with new cheat pieces being made and glued to the repaired blade, when the rudder is finished it will be completely coated epoxy and then painted like the rest of the yacht. 

There is one job that keeps getting put off, but it is one that needs doing ASAP so that the weather can be kept out of the cabin. The cabin roof which as soon as I have a couple of good dry days will be done and then the rest of cabin work can be finished off.

Once the yacht's underwater planks are sorted the yacht can go back in the water and can stay there for the winter while the yacht's planking settles down and the yacht can get back some of the work that as not been done while it was out of the water.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

rudder repairs

Not much on this front, apart from the fact I have been able to finish off fitting the second cheat piece to the rubber.
Now that this is done the rudder can now be glued back together and the whole upper half of the rudder can be epoxied and repainted to match the yacht which is already been done in the meantime.

Once this is done then it is back down the boatyard to continue on with the lower hull and get it caulked and filled and made ready to be re-launch after the last of the underwater jobs are completed on the hull.

Any work on the upper half of the hull can be sorted out once she is back in the water so that the hull as a chance to take up.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Starting to rebuild the rudder with cheat pieces

Having repaired the upper part of the rudder and then epoxied the whole of the repaired area it was time to re-fit the rudder fittings and get it ready to make new cheat pieces.

The job to make the cut outs for the rudder fittings and offer up the cheat pieces to see if the fitted, they did after a little adjustment 

The first cheat piece dry fitted, just have to repeat the whole process on the other side and then glue and fix together.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Repairs to rudder and getting other jobs sorted

Starting to glue together new upper section of the rudder and once glued up will be as strong as before.

Glueing up more new sections of rudder upper sections now just have to wait for the glue to set before shaping the new sections to the original shape

Making a start on shaping up the glued together sections now the glue as set hard

Making up jigs to steam round trims for the cabin that at present are missing from the tops of the galley and cooker areas

This one is for the trim for the forward bulkhead between the main cabin and the fore cabin. 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Finally the jobs are coming to an end on some parts of the yacht.

At last some of the jobs are coming to an end on some parts of the yacht. So that the major jobs appear to be behind us now. It is the smaller jobs are going to take the time to get through. However,with two or more of us getting some of the jobs done it will be easier to get to our launch date of a month from now. Although the yacht will not be in a sailing condition it will be afloat and the hull can have a chance to start to take up over the coming months before the winter gets here.

The first time the yacht when in the water it when deep six as the planking was some dry it took a long time for the planking to take up. This time we will help it along the way by wetting out the lower planking with a hose pipe with holes in it to spray the inside of the lower planking to give it a chance to swell before putting her back in the water and stop her from going the same way as before.

The main jobs for the coming week is to lay a new cockpit sole and make the cockpit seats and start to make the coaming fit the cockpit side decks, another job to get on with is to paint out the fore peak of the yacht and re-fit the chain locker bulkhead and paint out the forward bilge area.

Once the hull as had it's final coat of white gloss for the year, then the Rubbing Stakes can be made a start on and then they can be varnished as well a the cabin sides at the same time. Then the last of the major jobs can be finished off the covering of the cabin roof and the hand rails and the sliding hatch can be fitted.

While the outside is being done the is a far bit of work to be done on the inside with varnish brushes and masking tape as other jobs need to be done in there at the same time.

So all in all a busy time now between now and the launch date.   

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Now I can make a start again, if only slowly at first then build up the hours.

After a bit of a lay off due to a bad leg injury, it is good to be back working on the Yacht Mai-Star II and getting the work done on her to get her back in the water. Much of the major work is now done so it is a matter of getting the smaller ticker jobs done that take so much time to get done. These jobs are exciting as they are challenging and are rewarding when they are done. So next week will see the start of a number of these jobs.