Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The refit is getting back into full swing with the jobs getting done at a pace.

The aft end floorboard being given its first fresh coat of deck paint and the step its first coat of undercoat.

The forward floorboard getting its second coat of deck paint. 
The gaps in the planking is down to a warm period of weather and the fact the hull is built out of larch and will take up once its back in the water when the refit is finished.

The cooker area getting a fresh coat of undercoat before the whole area is lined out before the cooker is refitted.

The aft end of the cabin getting a fresh coat of paint before all the masking tape is removed and the hardwood is rubbed down and the hardwood is varnished as well as the other hardwood trims.

The back of the chain locker bulkhead getting its second coat of bilge paint, just a couple more coats before it is refitted.

The cockpit getting it's first coat of white gloss, just a couple more and the bilge paint edge can be finished off and the refit of the cockpit can begin.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Back to work on Mai-Star II's refit

The inside of the cabin now looking a lot brighter with a fresh coat of white gloss  

As are the cabin hull sides which are looking better

Looking good on both sides, just got to get the hardwood battens varnished to finish it off.

The back of the chain locker bulkhead getting its first coat of bilge paint.

The front part of the cabin sole getting its first coat of sand coloured deck paint, just two more coats to go to finish this job off.

The bunk fronts now finished off with its last coat of white gloss for this season.

So now that I am back on the boat and with renewed drive to get the boat finished off.

Friday, 24 July 2015

It will be good to get back to this and make a start on getting the hull finished off

It will be good to get back to getting the refit list underway again so that the boat can get a float again so that the hull can get a chance to take up and be watertight again.

It will be good to get a few more coats of varnish on the mast and the cabin sides and sort out the forehatch and get the roof finished off and sealed so the hand rails and trims can go back on and the sliding hatch can be bolted in place and the boat made secure.

So next week it is going to be part time work on this and part time of my other projects.

Back at work and ready to make a start next week

First morning back at work, it feels good to be back in the workshop. Getting on my project boat for a client and doing other small jobs round the workshop ready for clean start next week on a number of clients boats that have been on hold while was recovering from my accident a couple of weeks ago.  It is good to have understanding clients who are willing to wait while I get back on my feet.

The main job is to get the project boat finished off and then get Mai-Star II finished off so it can get back afloat and the hull can get a chance to take up and the hull can get watertight, then get on with the rest of the refit.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

A new outlook on life and a different way of doing jobs.

It is just under a week since I have a life changing injury which could stop me from working on boat out of the water that needs the use of ladders I have to work out a way of getting onboard Mai-Star II to continue the work on her and get her afloat.

However, I do have one ace up my sleeve, I have an apprentice who can do much of the work on the inside and the top while I get on with the work on the bottom. while my injury heals and I am unable to get onboard the boat.

So although, it is a problem at the moment it is going to be awhile before I am back on my feet properly it will be while but not forever.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Bench work and other things to do in the workshop

Following an injury to my right leg, I have to give up work on the boat until I can get back on my feet. So it will time to get some of the smaller bits done on the boat that can be done on the bench in the workshop. While I wait for my leg to heal and I can get mobile again. There a number of little items that are needed for the boat such as a small chart table that can fold away when not in use and a box for the binoculars as well and a cup holder or two for the cockpit. So I will keep myself busy in my down time away form the boatyard.

Friday, 10 July 2015

So the work goes on at a pace and the boat is getting there.

Finally got the front of the boat emptied of the bits that have been needed while the main part of the refit has been going on. Now that the main part is do or almost done the front of the boat can have the repainting it needs without anything being in the way.
 Cleaning out the bilge area so that it can get a fresh coat of bilge paint and the last of the copper nails can be clinched up and the rib job can be finally tick off the refit list. 
 A great of bilge paint needed here to cover up the bare patch and give it at least three coats of bilge paint before the new ballast is fitted later after the boat is re-launched to being it down to its lines.

Another job that needed doing was to paint the floorboards with bilge paint on the bottoms of the boards and then anti-slip paint on the top.

The cabin floorboards after three coats of anti-slip paint ready for them going back into the boat when the painting of the cabin is complete.

A start as been made on painting the bilge area of the cockpit so that the new cockpit sole can be made and fitted so that the new cockpit seats can be made and the cockpit coamings can be made and fitted. 

A bit of painting to be done in the cockpit, but once done it will be lighter in the cockpit and the lockers that will build into the areas under the seats and the decks for storage of items needed in the cockpit and on deck. 

The cabin/cockpit bulkheads getting a fresh coat of undercoat ready for its final two coats of white gloss.

Aft looking view of the cockpit sides showing in a better shape after a fresh coat of paint as been applied.

First coat of Mediterranean White gloss on the hull just two more to go before this is finished and the toe rails and rubbing strakes can be varnished and the cabin sides are varnished and the cabin roof is sealed under a layer of epoxy resin and matting and a coat of anti-slip paint.

In the back ground is the boat's mast getting its second coat of varnish, so that job is coming along well along side the work in the boat. 

Friday, 3 July 2015

So last week was busy,so is this coming week as well.

Now that the jobs on the boat are coming along as a pace the jobs are getting ticked off the refit list at a speed. however, The team has to take onboard that speed is not everything. Every so often you need to draw breath and take a minute to make sure you have not missed a small item that could trip you up later, if you have overlooked it along the way.

So at the beginning of this next week, it will be taking stock time and checking that there are no jobs that have been overlooked and double checking the jobs that have been done to ensure that nothing has been missed.

Then it will be full steam ahead to get on with the next jobs on the refit list and get the boat a few more steps closer to being launched and once again afloat where she should be.

One of the first jobs this week, will be checking that all the nails are in the new ribs and that there are no holes in the bottom that should not be there by design, Now there are a couple of bit of rib that need steaming into place around a sharp turn in the bilge where an old rib broken and is in need of replacing which as been left until now as did not have access to this part of the boat until now.

One of the team is getting on well with the painting out of the cabin and is making it look a whole lot better than it has for years. Once he has finished that he is going to turn his attention to the varnish work around the cabin and being that up to spec as well.

While he is doing that I will be getting on with repairing a spilt plank in the bottom and sorting out the caulking seams in the bottom and getting the bottom fairly watertight without over filling the seams so that when the boat goes back in the water it does not break the new ribs as the very dry planks swell up to their normal size.

Once these couple of jobs are done then we can turn attention to more of the jobs on the refit list  and get every closer to the water.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Over past few days work has been coming along well

Over the past few days, work has been coming along well with the hull seams from the waterline to deck level being refilled with linseed putty and the hull being painted with the first two coats of undercoat before a further two coats are applied over the freshly filled seams. Then a further two coats to applied before starting to do a spot of fine filling and fairing.

Also being done is the mast which has been stripped back to bare wood and sanded and re-varnished.

At last it is getting back more to its old self with a new coat of white paint

At the same time the cabin sides are getting a new fresh coat of varnish. 

At last the front two port holes are refitted and sealed in place.

So all in all it as been a busy week with the list of jobs getting shorter by the day.