Friday, 26 June 2015

Next week is going to be equally busy with a number of other jobs to do.

Now that the major jobs are do, apart from the odd nail or two in a few places. It is now time to get on with some of the smaller jobs which have been on the back burner fro a while. One being the painting of the inside of the boat from deckhead to keel and every place in between.

One of the last big jobs to do is the rebuilding of the cockpit, but after the other major jobs on the boat it is a much smaller job to do. However, no less a challenge to do as to make the best use of the space available it which to put all the equipment needed in the cockpit and make the storage work well.

Next week it will time to continue to fill the topside hull seams and repaint the hull with more primer to go over the newly filled seams before painting the hull with its undercoat and fill and fair the hull before glossing it.

Then it will be time to make a start on caulking and filling the seams in the bottom also fitting the rest of the hardwood plugs in the old nail holes from the sister ribs that were taken out when the new ribs were fitted to replace the original broken ribs and there was no need to have the sister ribs there anymore.

At the same time the apprentice will be varnishing the toe rails and cabin sides  and helping me with some of the two man jobs that I need a extra pair of hands to do. So all in all a busy week ahead,

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Finally getting on with the hull seams and getting them filled with caulking cotton and putty

The starboard side seams have been opening up with the dry weather and the length of time the boat as been out of the water.

The port side forward showing the seams starting to get refilled putty ready for the get coat of undercoat to go over the putty to stop it from drying out before the boat goes back in the water and the boat has a can to take up.

A forward facing shot of the port side with the puttying finished off with the seams between the rubbing skrate and the waterline being done.

The side on view showing the size of the job. Just got to sort out the underwater seams and get them ready to re-caulk and re-filled with putty once more.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Today saw an end to one of the major jobs on the refit list.

Today saw the end of the last of the new ribs being clinched up and finished. That was one of the biggest jobs on the refit list and one that is finally finished. There are a few odd nails to clinch up around the boat, however the mass numbers of nails that needing doing is now at an end. So now the attention is on  the smaller jobs on the refit list which will take time to sort out. However, these are smaller and easier jobs to do. The other major job that is being done, is being done by my apprentice, which is stripping and re-varnishing the mast.

One of the easier jobs to do is the cabin roof which needs recovering with epoxy resin and matting and then the new wooden trims fitted after the covering is done.  One job that I will be looking forward too is the new cockpit design and the better use of space and use of under cockpit storage.

But before any of that can be done the bilge as to be painted out and then the bilge pumps and their pipes fitted. Then the new cockpit sole can be made and fitted.

While this is being done the outside and inside of the boat will be painted and varnished and then hopefully the boat will be re-launched. 

Saturday, 20 June 2015

This week has been a good week in the progress of the restoration of Mai-Star II

This week has been a good week in the progress of the restoration of Mai-Star II with the last of the main ribs steamed into place. Just got to get some more copper nails over the weekend to finish off the job. Now it will be time to turn the teams attention to getting the hull sorted and watertight as well as the cabin roof and fitting the trims to the cabin sides top and bottom.

After that is done then I might tackle the forehatch that needs replacing and make one that is watertight when I get a green one over the bow when going to windward in a blow. 

Another job I have got is to let in a piece of plank on the plank above the garboard which my last apprentice broke off the plank and did not think it a problem. He is no longer with me as he find out boat building was not for him and he walked away. Thats in the past, now on to the future, So now that the ribs are in and all the planks that were going to be replaced this time round, it is on to the more enjoyable parts of the restoration which after you do a few of them, the boat starts to come more back to life and look more like a vessel than a wreck with bits hanging off it in different places.

So next week it is out with the paint brushes and get some paint on the hull and get the boat a bit wet as this dry weather is playing hell on the planking as being larch it is drying out a great deal. So it a race to get her back in the water so she can take up.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Today the end of the main ribs renewed and the boat starting to go back together

Today saw the last of the main ribs fitted in the boat with the ones in the cockpit steamed in place. All that is left to do is clench them up and that will be one of the major jobs completed. then will be the small ribs in the bow and the lower ribs in the stern to finish off.

In the cabin the bunk tops have been refitted and the water tank and the battery box and battery have been refitted and the electrics have been tested to make sure they are up and running, with these jobs done it is really looking like the boat is starting to come back together again and get one step closer to being re-launched.

The next job on the come after the ribs are finished off will be the couple of plank repairs that need doing, where old seacocks have been removed and pieces of wood are being let in to cover where these fittings have been and to sort out a split plank which was damage when old of the old ribs was being removed.

The apprentice is at present rubbing down the hull and cabin sides have to start painting and varnish the boat early next week.

So the work on the boat is coming on a pace and the boat is finally showing signs of getting finished.

One of the jobs the apprentice is going to be doing is re-varnishing the mast  after it has been redress of its standing rigging, so he can get to all the parts of the mast to remove the old varnish and sand it down ready to re-varnish over the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Now that the end is within sight with the ribs as there are three left to do in the cockpit, it is now time to look are the other jobs on the refit list.

Now that the end is within sight with the ribs as there are three left to do in the cockpit, it is now time to look are the other jobs on the refit list.

The forecabin area is now in need of finishing off with a couple of small jobs up there to do, a few nails need clinching up and a coat of paint in a few areas that have got missed over the past few months. Apart from that the forecabin area is finished a just few bit need sorting. The main body of work is in the main cabin and the cockpit where most of the refit has taken place and the most disruption has been with new cabin sides and roof and the whole of the cockpit as been removed and has to be redesigned to make the best use of the limited room in the cockpit.

Then the two major jobs will be started the filling and fairing of the hull, the varnishing and covering of the cabin sides and roof and then the clearing out of the seams on the bottom and the re-caulking the seams where necessary and then the antifouling of the bottom and the re-launching of the boat.

The refit has been a long one this time, but it should now have resolve main of the major problems that have plagued the boat for a number of years.  

Just one more to clinch up in the cabin and then the refit of the cabin furniture can start and the boat can start to look like a boat again

Just got one rib to finish clinching up and then the cabin furniture can start to go back in place and the inside can start to look more like a boat again. Then the water tank and battery boxes can be put back in place after the whole of the bilge area is repainted with grey bilge paint and the cabin sides are primed and undercoated and glossed and then the cabin side battens can be refitted. The battens will be fitted after they have been varnished and the cabin hull sids have been glossed. The the locker have to have their new bases fitted where they are missing, so that the lockers can be used for storage while the boat is underway on passage.

Once the main cabin is finished the forepeak will get sorted out with the remaining nails that need clinching up. Then whole of the forward end of the boat can get primed and undercoated where necessary and glossed whole over to finish it off.

Then the team will turn its attention to the galley and cooking areas to get these up to spec and sort out the lockers underneath these areas to make best use of them.    

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Finishing off the cabin ribs and other jobs including getting the cockpit ribs fitted.

Next week, it will be time to get the cabin ribs cliched up and start to make getting the rest of the cabin refit underway with getting the under berth lockers sorted and the area sorted so that it can be use for storage while underway sailing. Because at the moment there no bases in the locker under the bunks apart from the areas where the battery box is located and the base for the flexible water tank.

So there is a bit of work to do in this area, There is also a fair bit of varnishing and painting to be done in the area as especially the cabin sides and also the front portholes have to be fitted.

While one of the team is sorting out the cabin the other team member will sorting out the cockpit, getting the cockpit sides sorted out with making new cockpit coamings and well as the new cockpit seats and lockers and making a new cockpit sole.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Portholes and the last of the ribs in the cabin fitted

At the the portholes are sealed in place, so now the cabin is getting more watertight by the day, so it is just the deckhead to cover with epoxy resin and matting to finish it off now to complete the job.

Good to get that job out of the way and get on with other jobs around the cabin and get the boat a step closer to the water.

The final port side rib in the cabin, just got to get some more copper nails and this job will be finished and another milestone will have been reached.

One job that will be needed to be sorted, a broken frame, one of the jobs I am not looking forward to doing as it could be a little headache, but we will see how it turns out.

The last three ribs in the starboard side in the cabin now fitted in place, just need cliching up and that will be a milestone met and can move on to the next job on the refit list.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Ribs now cliched up and getting painted so that the refitting of this area of the boat can restart.

These three ribs now cliched up and fixed in place, just need painting from top to bottom with primer and then grey bilge paint
 Good to start getting the ribs finished off and so the refit work can start again.

Need to dampen the inside of the boat to get the planking to swell up and close the gaps that have appeared over the two years the boat has been out of the water.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Today's its rib cutting and other jobs.

Today it is going to be cutting the rest of the green oak ribs day. Once they are cut they will be time to put them through the thicknesser to get them down to the correct thickness and give them a clean finished finish which will be ready to be painted once they are in the boat and cliched up. As they are on show behind the varnished mahogany  hull battens. Also it will be time to sort out the cockpit coming and make new coating as the old coaming were a little on the thin side and were a problem in the past, especially when they broke when sailing hard on the wind. This was because the cleats for the headsails were fixed to the outside face of the coaming. This is going to be overcome by making new thicker coaming and improving the sheeting system and fitting winches on blocks to the outside of the coamings. This way the pressure will be on the winches and the blocks and not the coamings directly.

Also it will be time to get the varnish brushes out and get some more coats of varnish on the both the outside and inside of the cabin sides and get ready to cover the cabin roof/deck with epoxy resin and matting and then continue to get the roof finished off.