Sunday, 4 January 2015

Not a lot has happened to the boat over the past few weeks,but there is a bit of movement before I have to go back to work on other projects.

Because of other boat project around the country, it has not been possible to get any work done on Mai-Star II, However, now I have a couple of weeks spare time before starting back on my other projects it is time to make a start on Mai-Star II refit and get the starboard bow planks finished off and refitted and the port side planks refixed and get the bow leak stopped for good.

Once these two jobs are finished then it will be the turn of getting the ribs cliched up and the other ribs made up and then streamed in place. Also finish off the cabin roof and get it epoxy coated with matting and then finished off with anti slip deck paint before refixing handrails and sliding cabin hatch.

Once this jobs are done the the team can get on and sort out the cabin side port holes and finish these off and start to fit the deck trims and cabin roof trims to finish off the cabin, before starting to sort out the cockpit and re-design the layout to make better use of it.