Monday, 23 June 2014

Work done on a number of parts of Mai-Star II

Making a new box for the New switch panel for the boat. 

The new switch panel ready to go in the box once it is finished and shaped up to fit and then take to the boat to fit to bulkhead.  
 The first two port holes dry fitted on the starboard side 
 The two on the port side done as well and now just the two front ones to do.

 The stem is now cleaned out and the fixing are removed and it is a matter of cleaning out the inside behind the plank ends from inside and the refitting them to the stem with fresh screws and sealant to make it watertight again. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The seams are now all cleaned out and let the fun begin getting the old screws and nails out of the plank ends

The port side is not as bad as the starboard side, but there are a few nails that need to come out as well as a few screws that need replacing with new bronze screws.

The starboard side is in need of some serious work as the plank ends are in a poor condition and will need some work to make them good.

Here is a close up photo of the problem, the screws and nails have either broken off in the planks or sub standard one have been fitted and in some cases a mixture of iron nails and brass screws.  
An even more close up photo showing the problem

Also some work needed at the other end with a few small cracks in the transom 

both on the starboard and port sides.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Refitting a new section of cabin sole

The new section of cabin sole is now fitted in place after someone lost the old one when the boat was being stripped out for its refit. However, it did give me a chance to change the way it was made up and  made it possible to change the number of sections it was made up from, and made it easier to lift when inspecting the bilge area and clearing around the bilge pumps.

 The piece in behind the Porta loo is going to be fixed down with the section under the loo and ahead of the step into the cabin being lifting sections. The front one is for the log/ echo-sounder to make it possible to remove the transducer and the back one to check the manual and electric bilge pumps.

Re fixing plank ends on to stem where they have come loose.

One of the problem that comes with old age on old wooden boats is when either the screws break off in the stem or the nails which fix the planks on to the stem come loose.  Investigating this problem on the plank ends on both the port and starboard sides of the stem.

One of the first jobs to do is to rake out the old putty and caulking cotton in the seams and then expose the fixings in the plank ends where they are fixed to the stem and see which the boat has got and then decide which course of action to take.

The job is to get all the effected planks back into position and stop the leak on the stem at the same time.

Making a start on the starboard side

 Port side about to make a start on