Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rubbing down more wood this time the spars and other jobs.

Getting more varnish on the spars, now about half way through the process of getting enough varnish on the spars. The only spar that as not been worked on is the mast as that as been outside down at the boatyard and as not been able to be put under cover so it will be done as soon as the weather gets better and there are a few good drying days to get some more varnish on it. Also get the mast wiring for the VHF Ariel sorted and one for the masthead light as well.

Then the next job will be to down the boatyard and get the new cabin sides in place and the new ribs and planks back in place. So then the boat can be watertight from below and above.
There is also a great deal of painting and varnishing to do on the boat both inside and outside as the boat need a stripping back on the outside back to bare once the planking and new ribs are put back in plank the hull will need fairing up.

Monday, 24 February 2014

The day was spent rubbing down boat items and its spars.

Monday was spent rubbing down lots of the smaller items of varnished items that are going to be put on the boat to fix the cabin sides together as well as varnishing the spars. The spar that I have not got round to sorting is the mast. All the other spars are getting their fresh coats of varnish. The next job on the boat is going to be sorting out the port side amidships and get the hull shape back into its correct position and then steam the new ribs back in place. Then get the two planks back in the bottom. Just waiting for the weather to sort its self out so can get on with the outside of the hull and sort the deck edge out so that the cabin sides can be put back in place.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Getting to grips with the cabin sides

This last week as been a time of getting to grips with getting the pieces of mahogany turned into a st of three cabin sides and a cabin front.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

The major problem at the moment is trying to get the hull shape back into position.

The main problem with the port side is the number of steps that developed in the planking over the year and how they were made worse by broken ribs and their doubling ribs being put in to keep the steps in the planking there.
  So the next job will be to make up a former for the inside out of metal and using the old nail holes with bolts with large washers on the outside pull the planking back into position again and then steam the new ribs into the correct position once the hull planking is in its correct position to give a fair curve to the inside and outside of the hull.
 The holes that will be used are the ones on the right hand side of the photo as these ones are the doubler rib holes and the ones that will be filled up after the ribs are fitted.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The last two weeks as been a period of shut up in the workshop and not been able to get out on the boat.

The last two week as been hard on thew nerves as can see the time racing away and not been able to get out on the boat and get the planks back in the boat and the ribs put back in place and so get the hull made good. Hopefully with the weather having a break for a couple of days will able to get some work done on the boat this coming week. At least with a break in the weather other work can be done as well.

Namely get on with the removing of the paint on the hull on the outside and cleaning down the inside with the cover taken off to let the boat breath a bit and also dry out a bit and so can repair the edges of the deck before putting the cabin sides back on once they are all glued up sanded down.

After the hull planking and getting the new ribs back in place, the cabin sides and roof are going to be the next biggest job on the boat and after that the redesigned cockpit and the new fore hatch that as to be made as the old hatch is not up the job any longer.

One job I have been able to do while the weather as been poor is get a few coats of varnish on the spars apart the mast and the boom as these two can only done outside as they are to long to fit in the workshop.

So as long as the weather stays fine for a few days should able to get on with at least a few jobs this week.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

finishing cutting out the old ribs for the time being?

Yesterday was spent moving the boat to where it is going to stay until it is finished and ready to go back in the water.

Now the staging can be put round it and work can start on the cabin sides and deck and at the same time work can continue on the hull planking and replacing the old broken ribs.

 Also, yesterday was spent cutting out the last of the old broken ribs before a number of the new ribs are put back in place and then the final few old ribs will be taken out and that job will be completed for the time being.

Then the other jobs can get started and finished off so that the cabin sides and roof can go back on.
The first job is to get the hull shored up into position again after the planks have been eased a little so that the planks will go back into position.

This part of the job will take sometime to do as some of the planks are going to need refastening with new bronze screws and copper nails as the old ones have seen better days.

One of the jobs today will be to sort out the first of the oak boards to cut out the first batch of green oak ribs to put in Mai-Star II so that the hull will stronger once they are place and the hull will regain its shape again. Then this afternoon it will off to the Boatyard to get the last little bit of broken rib out from behind the gunwales and remove the old copper nails and screws so that the new ribs can go back in place.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Starting to shore up the side of the hull to push it back into position.

This photo is of the first of the props put in position to help to start pushing the turn of the bilge back into its correct position, now that the broken ribs have been replaced and the seams have been cleaned out so that the ploanks can freely go back where they should be.
This photo is of all the props now in place and the turn of the bilge is now looking more like it did when it was first build over 70 years ago.
 Another photo of the shores in position and that it is ready it will be time to make the new ribs and fit the them in position and make the boat more shapely again and lose that corner on the turn of the bilge.
Thjis photo is of the starboard side it is in need of a few ribs but not to the same extent as the port side that as had to have major work done to it.