Friday, 31 January 2014

Work as come to a halt for the moment after get a bad back pain that put me off my feet.

I am having an enforced break from working on Mai-Star II as I have strained my back and it has put me off my feet for a few days to give it chance to recover.

In the meantime it give me a chance to get other jobs done around the workload such as planning the next phase of the jobs on the boat and get people onboard to do some of the heavy work which as caused me to be laid up now.

The main jobs that will need doing over the next few weeks will be to get the cabin sides and front glued up and to cut the new ribs to go in the boat once the hull is pushed back into position and the hard spot as been taken out of the turn of the bilge.

Once these jobs are done then the boat will start to take shape again. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Major reairs to the port side of the boat from the cockpit to the front of the main cabin.

 The major repairs that are neeeded to be done on the port side of the yacht are the replacement of the two planks up aft and the ten or so ribs, of which seven of them are on the port side and three on the starboard side in the cockpit.
This photo is of the area of the bottom where the planks need replacing and also one of the ribs as well.
 The major problem with the planking on the port side as come about because of the number of broken ribs the yacht as got down the port side especially  amidships where some time in the past she took a heavy grounding and broke a number of ribs which were doubled up without pushing the boat back into shape and vleaving her with a step in the turn of the bilge. As seen in the next three photos .

 On the outside of the hull will start by raking out the seams and pushing the planks back into position.
This could be a bit of a job and the seams are tight at the moment and will need the seams to be made larger to get the shape back in the turn of the bilge. 
In this photo the first of the post put in place in the turn of the bilge to start the slow progress of  pushing the planks back position. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The major job of this winter's refit is the making and fitting of the new cabin sides and roof.

After many years of service the cabin sides and roof started to leak and it was seen as the best way to sort out the problem was to remove the deck and investigate the cause of the problem and see if it could be a simple job.
However, upon investigation it was found that the problem was to large to get away with a simple repair job.
So it was decided that the cabin and then the cabin sides would get removed and the whole lot would be renewed.
This photo shows the boat with the roof and cabin sides removed, in the end it was easier than I was expecting it to be and found out why it had started to leak in the first place.
 This photo shows the port side looking aft towards the sink/galley area and shows the carlin, which the cabin side was sitting on? this is something that will not be repeated this time. as the cabin side joint was moving as it was found not to be fixed to the carlin apart from by a covering board that screwed the cabin side to the carlin.
 The same photo of the starboard side looking aft showing the same problem as the port side not real fixing between the cabin side and the carlin so making any sort of good sealing joint between to the two halfs.
 It looks like it going to be a large job, but we now have the new wood for the cabin sides and it is now a matter of gluing them together and getting them fixed in place.
 This photo is of the plywood templates that have been made to act as patterns to make the new cabvin sides.
So the next job now is to machine the egdes of the new mahogany boards and glue them together so that we can start to rebuild the cabin sides and get the new roof on and get the cabin sealed up.

Just wish this wet weather would come to an end?

Over the past month it has been impossible to get on with any meaningful work on the outside of the boat as the weather as been against us. However, it has given us time to get other small jobs done in the workshop. Things like sorting out locker tops and cutting out new hatches for gaining next storage under the bunks in the main cabin. Making trims for the bunks and other areas in and around the boat. Making cockpit coaming blocks to fit new winches on and for connecting the cockpit coaming to the cabin side when they are made and back in situ. Also given me the chance to get the deck beams sorted and which we will be able to reuse, cleaned up and re-painted.

The next job is to get down to the boat and sort out the planking that needs refitting after it as been streamed into shape and then get the new ribs cut and machined up and refitted in the boat and the get the underwater part of the hull splined.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

So the work starts on putting the planks and ribs back in place.

This photo shows the first of the new planks having been steamed for about an hour is bend into position so that fitting it will be easier once it as cooled off and holds it shape.

 This photo some damage to the garboard plank which happened when the apprentice was being a bit heavy handed when removing the plank above.
 This photo show the condition of the cockpit prior to it being stripped of paint and the old broken ribs are removed and the new ones fitted
 The port side is like a pin cushion with so many old nail holes from the old doubling ribs that have been removed. The outside of these holes have been plugged with hardwood plugs and it is now time to clean up the cockpit and fill the inside part of the holes and repaint the cockpit.
 This photo is of the area amidships on the port side that is getting ready to fit the new ribs once they are made and steamed and then fitted in the boat once the shape of the boat is pushed back into position.
Also today have been to the timber merchants to collect the wood for the cabin side that over the next few days will be getting them ready to gle together.

Monday, 6 January 2014

The jobs on Mai-Star II are getting underway again.

The wood for the cabin sides is now at the timber merchants getting thicknessed to their finished thickness. Then the two longer planks will be glued together to make make up the full width of the cabin sides and also the cabin front piece as well. Once they are glued together the we can start to rebuild the cabin and make the boat watertight from above.

Then that leaves the bottom planks on the port side and the ribs to replace on the port side in the cabin and the ribs on both sides in the cockpit, before fitting the middle floor bearer in the cockpit and then refitting the cockpit out in a more user friendly way.

Then the refit of the inside will start with the fitting of the extra ballast the boat needs and the extra batteries and anchor chain also an extra fuel tank for the outboard so as to extent the range of the outboard on longer trips.

Also in the cabin the galley will be re-designed to have a gimballed cooker and extra storage for provisions for the trips.

The trims will have to be made up for the bunk fronts and tops and then glued in place when the cabin sides and front are fixed in place and the deck beams and roof are bacvk in place once more.