Monday, 17 November 2014

Fitting new planks in the bow

Having waited a couple of days for the planks to cool off and take the shape it was time to fit the plank in place.

Making a work bench out of a old board  and with the aid of a couple of G Cramps made a vice to hold the plank in while I final shaped the plank to fit.
 First dry fitting of the front end of the plank to get it fitting well into the rebake on the stem.

Having fitted the front end into the rebate on the stem it was time to cut the back end 

Finally dry fitted and now ready to paint the plank and put the rest of the fixing in and get on with the next plank

An inside shot to show how small the space to work in on the inside of the boat up forward. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Re-fixing the plank ends where the old fixing have broken or come loose and other jobs

Re-fixing the ends of the planks where the fixing have come loose with age or have broken

Using the small stream box to stream the short planks so that they can be twisted into shape
The of the planks to be streamed and cramped to the boat with the twist bend into it and now left to cool off.

The second plank having the same treatment and also left to cool off for a day or so and then worked on and fitted to the boat/

This side of the stem, the front of the planks were splined but it is need of sorting out as planks have moved off the stem.
 This photo shows that it was not splined all the way down the stem so as put stress on some areas and not others.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Fixing in the new ribs singlehandedly and making the new planks

Getting to grips with putting in the new ribs singlehandedly with the aid of a roofing prop

After refitting the new ribs then the beaching leg backing pad was able to be refitted.
 Two of the three new planks cut and thicknessed and ready to go back to the boatyard and be streamed to shape

Using the small stream box for the short planks.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sorting out the inside of the boat ready to get on with replacing the planks on the bow and other jobs.

Today's work was getting the boat ready to replace the planks on the starboard bow. this involved removing the chain locker bulkhead and some of the loose items that were there while the new ribs further aft were being fitted.

The other job that was sorted today was the main electrics so that many of the main services can be fitted and the switch panel was tested and the first of the fitted systems were found to be working correctly.

The first major job on the bow is the existing planking needs to be fixed before the new planking can be started to be fixed to the stem. The existing planking which has come loose or there are not enough fixing in the first place will to be re-fixed, where the fixing has broken, the fixing  will be removed and new bronze fixing will be put in their place.

Once the existing planking is sorted, the new sections of planking will have to be steamed in place as there is an amount of twist in the plank ends and to ensure a good fixing that is not under tension this will need to be done. There also a need to fit a new section of rib in the bow where one of the original ribs as broken and this will have to be done before any new planking is fitted  

Another job that was done today was the sliding hatch runner were temporarily fixed in place so the main hatch can be made secure.

So all in all another productive day down the boatyard and back tomorrow for some more work on the bow planking and fixing in the three new ribs in the main cabin. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Productive day with a number of jobs got done

The three planks on the starboard side that were causing a number of problems with leaking water passed the stem joint.

The main problem being that the fixings on the stem had given way and the ends of the planks were damaged by repeated attempts to refix the planks .

The three planks have all got scarf joints cut on them so it is just a matter of making up the new short lengths of planking and refixing them in place after the old fixing holes are plugged with wooden dowels 

The first two ribs refitted in place now have to nail them and the rove them.

The third rib in place and just got one left to do on that side in the cabin.

The electric circuit panel powered up and ready to fit the rest of the instrument wiring to it 

Monday, 6 October 2014

Ongoing work on the inside of Mai-Star II

While working on the boat's refit it is a good idea to have cooking facilities for the everending bacon sandwiches and cups of coffee  

One of the major jobs before the winter really gets here to make the roof watertight and refit the sliding hatch back in place.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Starting to varnish the cabin sides and stream the new ribs

The first of the many coats of varnish going on the cabin sides

 View from the bow of the newly varnished cabin front show the beautiful golden brown colour of the new mahogany cabin sides

 Now the cabin sides and front have their new coat of varnish it will be time to give it all a very good sanding back before applying the next coat of varnish, just another 10 + coats to go.

 Starting to stream the new ribs round the boat, when you work by yourself you have to get round the problem, just a method of what comes to hand to get over the problem and it works.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

The winter refit has got underway

The winter refit has got underway and the jobs are ticked off the list. The first major job is going to be the reinstating of the new oak ribs where the old broken ribs were removed.
The next job will be getting the planks on the stem sorted out, removing the damaged front ends where they had repeatedly been screwed and re-screwed over a number of years.
Another job that needs doing is the roof need finishing off, it will be watertight and then the roof can be covered with epoxy matting and the the sliding  hatch can be fitted and can the handrails.
One other job that needs doing is the varnishing on the cabin sides and the toe rails and rubbing strakes.
Above the waterline the hull can be sorted with fitting new skin fittings for the bilge pumps and also the need to resealing a leaking chain plate. Also, the need to glue some grading pieces in transom where a couple of areas of damaged wood were found when the hull was burned off.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Work on the inside and cockpit of Mai-Star II

The first major job on the port side will be to get the ribs back in place and ensure that the planks all fit up to the ribs and ensure that the outside of the hull becomes fair again. There will also be a fair amount of refastening of the frames as a few of the nails in these have weak.

 The roof now back in place and ready to paint and the cabin side are ready to be sanded and varnished.

While doing any refit, you need a kettle and some form of cooker to keep your energy levels up during the long winter refit period. 

The bare cockpit ready for the rest of the ribs to be fitted and the coaming and seats and floor can be made to make it a useable cockpit once more.

 The problem will be to fit all the necessary equipment in the cockpit and make it all work effectively  
  At the other end a task to make this end work and fit a pipe cot for the son to sleep on.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Work done on a number of parts of Mai-Star II

Making a new box for the New switch panel for the boat. 

The new switch panel ready to go in the box once it is finished and shaped up to fit and then take to the boat to fit to bulkhead.  
 The first two port holes dry fitted on the starboard side 
 The two on the port side done as well and now just the two front ones to do.

 The stem is now cleaned out and the fixing are removed and it is a matter of cleaning out the inside behind the plank ends from inside and the refitting them to the stem with fresh screws and sealant to make it watertight again. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The seams are now all cleaned out and let the fun begin getting the old screws and nails out of the plank ends

The port side is not as bad as the starboard side, but there are a few nails that need to come out as well as a few screws that need replacing with new bronze screws.

The starboard side is in need of some serious work as the plank ends are in a poor condition and will need some work to make them good.

Here is a close up photo of the problem, the screws and nails have either broken off in the planks or sub standard one have been fitted and in some cases a mixture of iron nails and brass screws.  
An even more close up photo showing the problem

Also some work needed at the other end with a few small cracks in the transom 

both on the starboard and port sides.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Refitting a new section of cabin sole

The new section of cabin sole is now fitted in place after someone lost the old one when the boat was being stripped out for its refit. However, it did give me a chance to change the way it was made up and  made it possible to change the number of sections it was made up from, and made it easier to lift when inspecting the bilge area and clearing around the bilge pumps.

 The piece in behind the Porta loo is going to be fixed down with the section under the loo and ahead of the step into the cabin being lifting sections. The front one is for the log/ echo-sounder to make it possible to remove the transducer and the back one to check the manual and electric bilge pumps.

Re fixing plank ends on to stem where they have come loose.

One of the problem that comes with old age on old wooden boats is when either the screws break off in the stem or the nails which fix the planks on to the stem come loose.  Investigating this problem on the plank ends on both the port and starboard sides of the stem.

One of the first jobs to do is to rake out the old putty and caulking cotton in the seams and then expose the fixings in the plank ends where they are fixed to the stem and see which the boat has got and then decide which course of action to take.

The job is to get all the effected planks back into position and stop the leak on the stem at the same time.

Making a start on the starboard side

 Port side about to make a start on