Thursday, 26 December 2013

The refit will restart next week and it will be full steam ahead to get the boat back afloat

Now the end of this year is upon us, it is now time to think about getting on with the boat once more.

The main job to do on the yacht in the next few weeks is to get the planks back in the bottom and get the new ribs put in the port side and get the hull shape back into position and the the seams below the waterline splinted and sealed and the hull faired.

Also a tent will have to be build over the boat so that the cabin sides can be worked on in a little bit of comfort over the next few months while the weather is a poor and there is a need to keep the boat dry while rebuilding the cabin sides and getting the roof back on the cabin.

The planking in the bottom will need some steaming has there is a fair bit of shape and twist these planks. Once these lower planks are back in place. Then I will have to get some more green oak to make the new ribs as these will have to go in fairly soon and but only after I have got the boat hull shape back into position. This is especially true amidships on the port side where the main body of the broken ribs were and where a bit of a chine started to develop over the years.

This will have to be removed before any ribs are put back in. The main thing that will have to be done will be to clean out the seams in the area so the planks can be pushed back into position and the seams closed up and the hull shape can be back in place.

So it is just a matter of getting the new year day out of the way and then get back to sorting the boat out.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

This week it was the turn of the new cabin sides to get some work done on them & other work.

After a few months of working on other clients boats, I now have a bit of time to work on my own boat and get the new cabin sides made and start to make progress. These will be the first new cabin sides the boat as had in 74 years and this time they are going to be made out of Mahogany and not larch which the first set that were made for the boat. Also this coming week there will be work on the hull planking and also the cockpit re-working to make it easier to work in while sailing and easier to work the main sheet and foresail sheets which will be re-designed and re-positioned to make it easier to trim the sails when short handed.

The main body of work this winter will be on getting the hull sorted, in as much as getting all the broken ribs replaced and the doubling ribs removed and their old holes filled and the hull faired up and where necessay the seams that need splineing can be done. 

Then with the cabin sides all glued and splined together, get them fixed to the carlins and the cabin roof refitted and made watertight and then get the interior refitted and the whole boat repainted inside and out and then relauched ready for the new season next year.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

This week we start again on the Mai-Star II and get underway with the list of work to do on her.

At last the weather has dried up a bit, so can make a start on getting the planks and ribs back in her again. Also get the cabin sides sorted out and get the edges of the deck squared off made ready to have the new cabin sides fitted back in place.

The main job this week will be to get the new planks in and also the splines fitted in the planks around the stern where the planks and stern post meet. This as for sometime been a cause of a leak which as not gone away even after clearing out the seam and re-cualking it several times in the past. So it as been decided that it is time that the problem will be best solved by spline the seam.  

Starting to put the planks back in the bottom.

This photo shows the longer of the two planks being cramped in place 

This photo shows that there is some need for steaming the plank in place to take the curve of the hull.

 This photo is of the same plank showing that the plank need to be made a little smaller to fit in the gap, just a little hand planing to be done and then about an hour or so in the steam box and then cramp in place.