Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Update on the planks and ribs that need renewing

This photo shows that the two doubling ribs are removed as well as making a start on removing the first of a number of broken ribs down the port side a midships.

This photo shows the lower end of the ribs where there was a short doubling rib fitted where the old rib was missing. vthe doubling rib will not be renewed but a full length rib from deck to keel will be fitted.

This photo shows the two damaged planks removed with the planks edge cleaned up and just waiting for the wood to come from the timber man to get the planks and ribs back in.

There is now a start made on the refit of Mai-Star II again and once the timber as arrived then the hull can get sorted out and the rest of the boat can be sorted and the boat got back into commission once more.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

At long last, now I have the time to get going on the boat and get work on done on it.

After a long lay off work on the boat, it is now time to make a start on getting the cabin sides and roof back on and sealed up before the worse of the autumn and winter sets in and it will be difficult to get the work done out oside where the boat is. So the time to get on with the work is now. The main job to do is to sort out the deck to cabin side edge and make sure that this good. That way ensuring the same problem as before does not happen again. Once they are in place the refitting the deck beams and the roof can follow and the boat will be watertight from above. Then the work on replacing the damaged planks and ribs in the hull can get underway.