Saturday, 28 September 2013

It will be time to get round to working on the boat again soon.

It will be soon time to get on with the Mai-Star II again after not being able to work on it for a long time due to other work commitments. However, shortly it will be possible to get on with it and get the new ribs put back in and the damaged planks removed and replaced as well as the new cabin sides and roof to refit once the other work in done on the hull and the interior is sorted out.

Then once that is done then the electric wiring for the interior lights and the other gear such as the VHF and Log /ehco sounder and compass light and the navigastion lights. Then we will be able to go for a well earned sail and take a few trips a long the coast and further a field next year. 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

All being well should get back to starting the refit on Mai-Star II again shortly.

It as been a while since there as been any major work done to the boat, mainly due to other work commitments. However, over the next few weeks we should get back on track and get some of the smaller jobs out of the way, such as the replacing of the ribs in the cockpit and down the port hand side of the hull up to the level of the chainplates.

Then is will be the turn of the starboard side in the cockpit to have its rbs replaced but not as many on this side as they appear to be in good order apart from a couple in the fore end of the cabin in the fore peak which n eed replacing during the winter months.

Once this is all done it will be the turn of the cabin sides and the cockpit coamings to be done and the new cabin roof to be made and fitted. then the new cockpit layout to be made and fitted and the fuel and water tanks and batteries to be fitted.

Then hopefully put back in the water to have a few short sails over the wintert months when the weather is fine.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Ordered the timber for the refit of Mai-Star II

Had a good day out sorting out timber for the replacement planking and new ribs that are need on Mai-Star II this autumn refit season. So with this timber ordered the work on Mai-Star II can now scheduled into the forward work load. So as soon as the Essex Country Show is over then work can be started on this and get it sorted and made watertight for the winter.

Going to get some more wood for the refit of Mai-Star II

Today it is out on the road to the local timber yard to get some more oak and larch for the refit of Mai-Star II. I need to get some good green oak for the ribs that need renewing in Mai-Star II's cockpit and the ones that need renewing down the port hand side in the main cabin that have been broken over the course of its long life.

I will also be getting some larch for the planking that need replacing in the bottom of the boat where there has been damage and a small amount of rot. Once we have the new wood and can get on with the repairs then this should see the hull of the boat sorted out and then we can turn our attention to the cabin sides and roof of the main cabin. This making the boat watertight from both directions. Then it will be a case of getting the boat all painted and varnished and get it back in the water to do some sailing over the winter months.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

The coming weeks and months will see a change in the progress of the refit of Mai-Star II

Now that J-Star Boat Services as now got a new apprentice boat builder onboard, there will be time start doing some major work on the boat and get the ball rolling again, and get on with some of the major jobs that are needed to get the boat back into a good condition and ready to set sail on the high seas once more.

The first of the major jobs will be on the hull where a couple of areas of damaged planking needs replacing and a few ribs need replacing as they are broken due to old age and heavy grounding over the years. The major area of damaged ribs has been on the port side, which was the side that had a 20 gallon water tank under bunk and that would make the boat fall over to port as there was nothing under the starboard bunk to counter balance the weight of the tank.

Now there is going to be a couple of batteries on the starboard side so if it is in an area where is it possible to dry out there is a chance in future for the boat to go to ground either side not just the port side.

This autumn the main areas for work will be the cockpit ribs which all need replacing and the three planks on the port quarter and replacing the broken ribs on the port side and the couple that are broken on the starboard side.

Once that is done then the attention will be on getting the cabin sides and the roof renewed and the cockpit coamings renewed and the whole boat painted and varnished.