Monday, 29 July 2013

Starting to work through the refit list.

Now that I have made my refit list, it is now time to get to work ticking off the jobs that need doing first. The small jobs that as normal take more time than they should do , but need doing all the same.

Small jobs like ensuring that there are not any sharp edges on locker lids or bunk tops so that when things are put in lockers they do not get held up on these edges.
Rubbing down locker lids and bunk top with a fresh coat of paint, then starting to make new trims for areas of the cabin and cockpit.

Sorting out pattern material to use for making patterns to new cabin locker bases and cockpit lockers a job that needs doing this year. It was a thing that was highlighted last year while sailing when there was not enough room under the bunks that had a base in it to keep the stores and clothes out of the bilge.

Another job that needs doing in to make trims for the cabin bulkheads so that the edges are sealed and the mahogany trims will set off the white painted interior well and make it look better as well.

So all in all a busy week ahead getting through my latest refit list.

Friday, 26 July 2013

So the the refit begins

So the work in the cockpit as started with the removal of all the floor boards and now it is time to remove all the doublers ribs and broken ribs and replace them with new single piece ribs that will run from deck to keel.
This photo shows the old engine bed that is going to be removed as well as the blank over the old stern tube hole which be filled and a proper blank put over the old hole.
This photo shows the number of doubled up ribs there are in the cockpit that do not need to be there. These are the ones on the port side and the photo below are the ones on the starboard side.

 This photo is of the old engine exhaust and telltale skin fittings which are going to be removed and a couple of new skin fittings for the manual bilge pump and the automatic bilge will take there place.

Now it is time to hit the list of boat jobs on own boat.

Now with a little time to myself, it is about time I started doing some work on my own boat. Although the list is long there are a number of jobs that will not take that long to sort out and be able to do quite quickly. While other will take some time to sort and do.

The first thing that needs sorting in the boat will be to empty out all the loose floor boards and locker tops and lids and then get to grips with vacuuming out under the floors and in the lockers before washing down the inside of the boat and making sure it is clean before rubbing down the  white gloss paint work and repainting the bilges out with a fresh coat of Grey bilge paint. While this is being done make up patterns for the rest of the under bunk storage and in the galley lockers as well.

Then will come the wet messy job of washing down the inside of the boat, lots of fun!!!!


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The short list of work to be done during this refit?

Vac out boat from stem to stern and remove all loose boards.
Wash down inside of boat.
Sort out aft port side chain plate as it is leaking badly.
Take out chain out of locker and get rope spliced and then marked out depth with thin line.
Rub down all paint work on inside and outside of boat from stem to stern.
Paint out bilge with grey bilge paint and white gloss on cabin hull sides.
Paint out cockpit all over.
Make new seats for cockpit and make locker under seats and re site bilge pump and fit new skin fitting for both pumps.
Make new locker bases for under seat lockers in cabin.
Make and fit new trims in cabin.
Sort out washboards in cabin and fixings for trims.
Make and fit top of transom trim.
Make complete new fore hatch and fit new skylight in top.
Make new cabin sides and front and cabin roof.
Refit roof hand rails and refit hatch and new runners.
Sort out water system and fit new sink
Varnish all toe rails and rubbing skates and cabin sides.
Fit VHF and sort out wiring for engine and other things, such as lights depth and speed instruments and compass light.
Get new battery x 2
Sort out fuel system so it is better managed.
Fix to mast navigation light at top and sort out VHF cable.
Make up switch panel.
Switch over compass and fire extinguisher and fit switch panel to starboard bulkhead ahead of cooker.
Fix in position cross trees so they do not move when mast is rigged.
Re site GPS so it can be read easily in cockpit and interface with depth and speed if possible and wiring up to boat supply so it does not run on batteries alone.
Get more ballast about 300cwt ?
Make cabin side trims to fit over frames and fix to bulkheads.
Fit shore supply to boat for charging batteries and using 240 volts gear.
Sort out tops of aft end of cabin bulkheads so that they are the same.
Fit under deck lighting for use in beds and heads.
Fit third floor bearer in cockpit to stop floor boards moving.
Fix aft Samson posts in position.
Sort out cockpit and cabin side trims to new shape.
Sort deck edge and grind back and epoxy edges to seal.
Make new boom and mast support.
Re-varnish mast and spars and sort out rigging and other items on boom and gaff.
Make up new corner pieces for front and back corners of cabin sides.
Trims round deck joint of Samson post on fore deck.
Sort out cleats for jibs and main sheet to make easier to use.
Fit oil light to front of cabin bulkhead.
Re-site water filler to deck?
Fit new cloak and barometer
P.S. just a short list to get on with for the moment.

Now it is time to do some work to Mai-Star II to get her ready to go back in the water.

 Now that I have a few hours to spare. It is time to start work on the inside of the boat to get reay to fit the new cabin sides and roof.

This photo shows the plywood pattern fitted to the carlins and lined up with cabin front pattern on the port side 
This photo is of the starboard side showing the same thing as the port side.

 This photo shows the plywood pattern fitted up to the aft cabin bulkhead.
This photo shows the same as the port side the plywood pattern fitting the aft cabin bulkhead.

The next two photos show the old cockpit seats and the position of the manual bilge pump and gas bottle which is going to be changed and new seats and lockers are built in the cockpit for better use of the area.
The next two photos show the condition of the bilge which is in need of a coat of paint and a few old ribs in need of sorting out and replacing.