Saturday, 29 June 2013

Missing a year's sailing

It appears that because of other work that the planned sailing for this year is now been cut short. However, this will give me more time to get other work on the boat done. Then it will be put in the water later on and sailed during the winter months when the rivers will be less busy.

The main job to get sorted will be the cabin sides and roof and once that is done the turn my attention to the cockpit and the engine and the electrics. Then work on the mast to put a masthead light on for sailing at night. also put the VHF Ariel up on the masthead as well.

Other work to get done is to repaint the topsides and deck and varnish all ther rubbing skates and toe rails and make a new forehatch. Then may be finish off the work on the end of the boom to ensure the main will reef correctly.
This photo is of a leak that is round the end of the starboard garboard plank which will have to be looked into before the boat is re-launched

 This photo is of a small leak on the end of the port garboard plank

 A leak along the bottom of the port garboard plank halfway along

 A photo of the inside before the work started on replacing the cabin sides and roof 

 A photo looking aft on the port side towards the cockpit before the work was started on removing the old wood.

A photo of the inside undercover  

 A photo of the port side having been started to be sanded down
 A photo of the port further along

A Photo of the starboard side having the same treatment as the port side
 The cabin and cockpit sides now removed readsy to start sorting out the deck and carlins before starting to put new cabin and cockpit sides and roof back in place.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

This week, it was the turn of the cabin sides to get purchased.

This week, it the turn of the cabin sides to get one step further along. The wood was purchased from the timber merchants and delivered to the work shop to get planned and shaped into the new cabin sides. Because of the width size of the cabin sides it was not possible to get the wood wide enough to make in one piece so we are having to glue two pieces together to make up the overall width. However, when all the trims and other pieces are fitted when they are finished it will be hard to tell where the seam line is.

So over the next few weeks there is going to be a lot of planning and sawing of wood to get the planks of wood to the correct size and shape before fitting the new cabin sides in place.

The next job now is to go to the boat and get the patterns off the boat and bring them back to the work shop and cut the planks to the correct size to start to transform the wood into beauiful new cabin sides.

Then it will be time to refit the deck beams that were removed when the cabin roof was removed and found to be in good condition and will be able to reused. So that way having a connection between the old and the new in this restoration work of the cabin.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

This year's work on Mai-Star II.

This year's work list on Mai-Star II is a large one, as it involves making new cabin and roof and making a new fore hatch and a lot of painting and varnishing. The job of getting the old cabin sides and roof off was a long and at time difficult job and many of the fixing were either hidden or broke off in the wood. The roof was the easier part as it was removed in sections. That is that it was cut through between the deck beams and then the deck beams came out in one piece. Then came the more difficult bit the removing of the cabin sides which were held in place with a fair few screws. Many of which came out, but a few did not and this took time to get the cabin sides to come off the deck without doing too much damage to either part of the boat, as I needed the old cabin sides as patterns for the new ones.

This was the same when it came to the cockpit coaming which needed replacing as well. They had done well, but after 75 years they had seen better days and it was time to have new ones.

So over the few weeks I have been making plywood patterns of the old ones and have fitted them to the boat to see if there are any mod's to be done to make them better and less likely to leak as this had been a problem over the past couple of years.

It is the same with the fore hatch, this has seen better days and is in need of replacing and making better so that any sea water that comes over the bow does not go down the fore hatch. The present design as no way of stopping the water going between the lid and the base. A design that will be addressed with the new one, which will again be made out of wood, so it is in keeping with a classic boat of its age and design.

Another job this year is to get the electrics sorted out so that the boat will have lighting and a VHF Radio and instruments and Navigation lights that will run off a 12 volt supply not just small batteries.

Then the best job of all the painting of the hull deck, and new cabin sides and roof. A long job, but one that shows you are getting some where when it is finished and the boat shines again with its new coat of paint.

The bottom of the boat need some attention this year and the putty as dried out a bit and will need re-doing and in places will need a bit of caulking doing as well.

While this is being done there is a fair bit to do in the cockpit to sort out the manual bigle pump and site it somewhere where it is going to be better able to be used. Also make some new lockers in the cockpit and beer up the cockpit sole so that there is less movement in it.

Thats all for now, will update with photos as I go along and write more as the jobs progress up to the launch date.